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Growing up


My childhood was a bit out of the ordinary, growing up in the islands of the South Pacific with a father who pioneered air travel in some of the remotest parts of the world. My love affair with the islands continues, and I try to share with you, my readers, the vibrant beauty of this land, its rich culture, and the warmth of its people.

Why I write

I've always loved mysteries, thanks to my mother who thought Nancy Drew made the best bedtime stories. During my career with the Honolulu post office, I saw the comings and goings of the mail carriers and heard about some of the bizarre things that happened on their routes.  I knew that one day I had to write a mystery about a mail carrier. My first book, Almost Paradise, has grown into the Louise Golden Mysteries, a series about a mail carrier in Kaneohe who can't leave well enough alone.

How I write

Despite my best advice to new writers, I am by nature more of a panster than a plotter. I begin with a vague story concept, usually sparked by some real life event.   This becomes a loose outline, leaving much room for creativity as I let the story unfold. Many of my characters and scenes are inspired by true encounters, but I always change the names to protect the guilty. 

I call my writing style 'cozy with an edge.' While there are numerous shared cups of coffee, some cute kids, and ever-present furry four-legged creatures in my stories, I do allude to some heavily-loaded topics. My promise to my readers is graphic sex and violence will always be kept off-camera. My characters never swear (at least not in English) and no children or animals will every be harmed in my books. 


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 Mail carrier Louise Golden lives on the island of O'ahu and enjoys a friendly camaraderie with the people on her delivery route. When she notices Mrs. Santos missing from her home, Louise becomes concerned. As she questions neighbors in an attempt to learn what became of the elderly woman, Louise is pulled into a mystery involving abductions, car tails, a celebrity pool party, exotic dancing, smuggled Hawaiian artifacts, and, of course, murder. 

 Christmas is never easy for mail carriers. But for Louise Golden, the season of good cheer is about to become a nightmare. Exhausted after a long day of delivering mail in nasty weather, Louise is heading back to the station when, through the heavy rain, a ghostlike figure appears in her headlights. Louise hits her brakes, but it’s too late.
Sexier and grittier than Almost Paradise, the second Louise Golden mystery takes the reader on a true Hawaiian roller coaster ride. 

 Dog nappings have doubled on O`ahu over the past year. Brazen thefts of beloved pets from their homes have the community on edge. A beautiful, mysterious Chinese actress is distraught when her Pomeranian is stolen. Mail carrier Louise Golden finds the missing pooch, only to learn the actress is suddenly gone, with her belongings. Dogs are disappearing. Street people are being abducted by aliens—or so claims Louise’s homeless friend, Frankie. Clues point in different directions. Nothing adds up.  

 The Hawaiian islands are experiencing their worst drought in recorded history. Wildfires burn out of control across the state. When firefighters discover a badly charred body on a steep mountain ridge, wearing swim fins and a diving mask, it sounds like the stuff of urban legends.

 Fans of Hanan's Louise Golden mysteries watched Emmeline grow from an effervescent ten-year-old in Almost Paradise, into a headstrong adolescent in Stairway to Heaven. Now, at seventeen, Emmy is faced with a mystery only she can solve.
In her senior year, Emmy transfers from an exclusive private school to a public charter school for “dropouts and misfits.” Just before graduation, her only friend in the new school disappears ...

 A Lei Crime Kindle Worlds Novella

When Dee Maltin bought the little beach cottage on Maui, all she wanted was to leave her memories behind. Now, fifteen years later, things are starting to go awry. Why does everyone else deny hearing the feral cats that keep Dee awake all night? What’s the smell that permeates her house no matter how much she scrubs? Why does her strange neighbor, who hasn’t spoken to her in all these years, choose this moment to strike up a conversation? A woman shows up at Dee’s door looking for her birth mother. Is she a con artist, or just deluded? Dee searches for answers and is soon over her head in one big Hawaiian-kine mystery. 

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